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Scripting and Automation Experts for your Atlassian Automation and Scripting needs. We offer custom development solutions tailored to your individual use cases.

Why us?

Scripting solutions redefined

At Scleraworx, we drive efficiencies and productivity through innovative and intelligent use of Scripting and Automation. With all the scripting choices available, the decision to select one can be very difficult. Our exhaustive experience and subject matter expertise makes that process seamless. We are experts in Custom Development solutions and implemented the most complex functionalities, tailored to you requirements.


Custom Solutions

We believe in delivering stakeholder vision adhering to agile principles and drive for alignment and visibility throughout the development process


Atlassian Developers

Our understanding of the Atlassian SDK enables us to provide fast turnaround for your development needs, and drive team productivity


Scripting Expertise

Our team of scripting SMEs will help in adopting and developing the right scripting solution for your needs


Scripting and Automation
solutions that work for you

Scleraworx is a leading automation and scripting service provider with a proven track record of driving efficiencies with our innovative and intelligent scripting solutions.

Building automation

Jira Workflow Automation



REST API automation

Scripted Custom Fields

Sys Admin automation


Scripting with Add-ons

We take your Jira configuration to the next level and unleash the power of automation with use of some of the best Automation and Scripting Add-ons in the Atlassian marketplace



With ScriptRunner you can transform your Jira instance with end to end Automation, Customization and Extension Solution. It can leverage REST Endpoints to integrate with external applications. Script Runner is compatible with Jira Service Desk and Confluence as well and we use it heavily to meet our SLAs faster.



Power ScriptsTM for Jira is the ultimate Jira Admin helper and a must-have tool in any Jira Admin's arsenal. Power Scripts uses Simple Issue Language® (SIL®) exclusively for Jira scripting. SIL scripts are portable across Jira versions and won't break once you upgrade your Jira.



Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) and Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) are two very powerful Add-ons that provides a collection of workflow conditions, post functions & validators - all the building blocks you need to deploy your workflows quickly, which can extend further with groovy scripts.