Integrate applications with
Jira and Confluence.

We provide solutions to bring cohesiveness in data across platforms, driving a uniform source of truth and removing redundancy.


Let your enterprise applications talk seamlessly
with Atlassian tools

There has always been a struggle with organizations not having a single source of truth with respect to tasks and deliverables. That is where our Integration Solutions bridges that gap by to support the technical requirements of digital transformation and works differently to align your organization, business users, and IT with common tooling


Enhanced efficiency

Cutting edge Integrations to handle today's need for scale, speed, and change

Customer delight

Intelligent Process Automation to drive better customer journeys and experience

User feedback

Provides a Customer 360° view to get complete, correct information about customers where it’s needed.

Scale your workflows

Workflow-as-a-Service for smarter scaling of workflows at sale.


Leverage the power of APIs to integrate your tools with
our API Integration services

We help build integration between your tools with custom API solutions, that solves for the most complex use cases. Some of the API Integration usecases that we take pride in


Tempo integration with Jira Service Desk

Integrate Jira with Workday

Integration of Pagerduty with Slack and Jira Service Desk

Why US?

Your trusted partner for
Middleware and API integrations

Scleraworx has the expertise to help with automating your process workflows and integrating your technology tools. You are assured of the value promise of Scleraworx, with the exhaustive years of experience and a dedicated team of integration experts. We have solved for various divisions within a company and strategized the alignment roadmap within the organization


Software Development Team

Synchronizing defects,stories, requirements, and problem and task tickets, increasing automation


Agile Proliferation

Across their agile planning, testing and IT service management tools.


Tool Rationalization

Maximize productivity by integrating the end-to-end software delivery value stream


Data Integrity

Eliminating duplicate data entry, context switching, and loss of data fidelity


Visibility into value delivery

Executive-level dashboard so leadership could see the real-time status of each Integration process



Subject matter expertise for the most complex setup and configuration


Solutioning with Workato and Tasktop

We work with two of the industry's top leaders in integration tools, that have revolutionized that organizations think and do intelligent work automation


An Intelligent Automation platform, that addresses the Technology and Social Gaps in today’s dynamic business environments.Workato delivers the digital native experience necessary to fix the social problems slowing down Digital Transformation and empower all.



The backbone of the most successful Agile and DevOps transformations, Tasktop is an easy-to-use, scalable and reliable tool integration infrastructure that helps enterprises connect, visualize and measure software delivery value streams.